Idea Conceptualization
Core members formation
Q1 2023
Team Formation
MVP Development
Testing and Evaluation
Q2 2023
Token blockchain Migration to BSC
Start of Product Development
Q3 2023
Phase 1
Game portal development
Q4 2023
(Alpha Test)
Phase 1 Continued
Game Listing on Game Portal
On-chain Activity Reward and Plarform Development
Q1 2024
(Beta Test)
Phase 1 Continued
Community Beta Testing Start
NFT Marketplace Development
Advertisement Network Development
Q2 2024
Phase 1
Product Launch with first Game Publishing
Phase 2
Plxyer Tournament development
Q3 2024
Phase 2 continued
NFT Marketplace Release
Advertisement Network Release
Plxyer Tournament release
NFT supply
Q4 2024
Phase 2 Continued
NFT committing
Q1 2025
Phase 3
Platform Governance
Q2 2025
Phase 3 continued
Guild management
Q3 2025
Developer portal
Web3 game wiki