PLXYER is partnering with notable blockchain game ecosystem partners such as Kubplay, a JV focused on blockchain game between Bitkub, Thailand’s first crypto unicorn with a 97% share of the country’s crypto exchange market, and Play Park (formerly Asiasoft), Thailand’s first publicly traded online game company. The JV reaches an audience of more than 5 million combined users in Southeast Asia. PLXYER is currently in discussion with other game publishers including Mujoy, which operates 07073, the largest web-based game portal in China with 5 million daily views, and is a partner to China Telecom and NetEase.

PLXYER’s first famous IP based game is in development. A cross-platform, play and earn and MMORPG with life-like actions and RPG gameplay features similar to GTA and Yakuza Series. PLXYER’s goal is to lead and grow a syndicate within the game though constant frictions among different forces, mainly neighboring gangs and rivals, through a large scale PVP wars and territorial wars to gain the control of territories in order to cumulate the in-game wealth to grow the syndicates. Players will need to strategize their position in order to be successful in the game which is gaining goods and wealth which may be gained through PVP fights, looting and other means.

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