About us: All-in-one platform for Web3/ NFT game distribution



PLXYER (pronounced as Player) is a revolutionizing distribution platform for blockchain games with its all-in-one platform for Web3 developers and players. Experience a seamless integration of traditional and on-chain gaming, turnkey game creation tools, platform governance, guild management portal, and a NFT marketplace with various P2P services. Our mission is to provide game creators with the best tools and resources for launching and managing Web3 games while offering players the ultimate gaming experience. PLXYER takes a creator-centric approach to enable next-generation, on-chain gameplay, creating value across its ecosystem for players, creators, and token holders.


PLXYER has brought together a world-class collective of more than 30 game designers, strategists, blockchain developers, programmers and ecosystem builders with deep expertise in interactive and immersive products.
PLXYER’s interdisciplinary distributed team brings decades of gaming experience and platform development, along with extensive crypto and NFT knowledge, to building games, scalable blockchain infrastructure and partnerships with leading games publishers.
We’re laser-focused on building the foundations for PLXYER to become the leading platform for Web3 games and gamer experiences as well as the perfect ecosystem for game creators to thrive and we’re excited for what the future holds.

Chamamon Soboon, CEO at PLXYER

Chamamon Soboon, CEO

  • Managing Director at Paimax Co., Ltd.
  • Overall management of the company
  • Business Development Director at Gold Dragon Mobile Co., Ltd.
  • Assistant Research Director at Coca-Cola (SEWA) Co., Ltd.
Tanachai Yamploy, CTO at PLXYER

Tanachai Yamploy, CTO

  • CTO at VRthefuture Co., Ltd.
  • CTO at VVR Asia Co., Ltd.
  • COO at Thirteen Floor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Managing Director at Kinesis Studio Co., Ltd., Thailand
  • Manage 50 developers developing IT solution for TV
  • IT Project Manager at I-SiPA Group, Thailand
  • Managing project teams to develop IT solutions

Patrick T. Chief Creative Officer

  • Blizzard: Diablo 2
  • SNK USA: Samurai Spirits

Kemchanin P. Client Programmer

  • Valhalla Thailand Studio: DTO
  • Playlab Games: Jungle Cubes +

Woottipat H. Client Programmer

  • Valhalla Thailand Studio: DTO
  • 7 Raven Studios: Escape String +

Kyaw T. Server Programmer

  • Valhalla Thailand Studio: DTO
  • RingZero Game Studio: Pro Fishing Simulator